The Moot

Rugby Pagans Moot is a social pub moot with a friendly atmosphere and excellent ale. The moot takes place every second Tuesday beginning at 8:00pm (though there is no problem with coming along later). Please check the calendar for the actual schedule.
All Pagans and genuine seekers are welcome to come and take part in our moot, whether they be Wiccan, Witch, Druid, Heathen, Shaman or whatever else. As long as you come along with honesty, respect and a genuine interest that is all that is required. Your level of experience is not an issue. If you want to come to the moot it does not matter whether you have been a Pagan all your life, or are just starting out. You will have something to add to the conversation, and hopefully you will take something away from it too!
The moot takes place at The Raglan Arms, 50 Dunchurch Road, Rugby Warwickshire, CV22 6AD. As we are a new group and have not as yet shown the pub a consistent turn out, our arrangement with them is that we can have The Snug (the first door on the left as you enter the pub) if when we turn up no-one has booked it that night. If we don't have The Snug the moot would take place in the bar, making us more difficult to identify to new comers.
For this reason we suggest that if you are thinking of coming for the first time you email us first at
Please bear in mind that the best way to keep in touch with any last minute changes is to like Rugby Pagans on facebook, or follow Rugby Pagans on twitter.
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