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Yuletide Blessings & New Faces At The Moot

posted 23 Dec 2010, 10:36 by Richard Brook
Slightly belated Yuletide Blessings to all who use this site (many of you know I have only intermittent access to a PC).
It was great to meet some new people at the moot on Tuesday. Thanks all for coming, you all seem lovely and I look forward to getting to know you better in the coming months!
For those that weren't there I was joined by six people who have never attended the moot before, as regulars were kept away by ungritted roads and ill health (get well soon guys). I thought there was a lovely atmosphere, so if you're thinking of coming down to the next one I would heartily recommend it!
To all those who said that they wanted to come but couldn't come this time, please do not give it another thought. Come along whenever the time is right and we'll make friends then. In the meantime make good use of the forum!
Hope to see loads of people at the next one on 4th January 2011!
Yuletide Bonfire
In other news Joe had to postpone his bonfire, intended to be a Yuletide event, as he was caught up in the weather and was stuck in Manchester.
I know Joe hopes to rearrange this so if anyone is interested in coming, it's still worth keeping an eye on that thread on the forum.