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The Talking Stick Hits A Snag

posted 5 Oct 2011, 15:05 by Richard Brook
Firstly let me start by thanking everyone that has subscribed to our mailing list.
Unfortunately I am having some teething problems with the mailing list system which have prevented me sending out the first issue of our new newsletter The Talking Stick.
Before offering the opportunity to sign up I tested sending 3 emails to a number of my email accounts using this list. All tests were successful.
Upon trying to send the genuine email to you all it became apparent that these emails were not sending correctly (unless anyone can advise me differently). I have contacted Topica's support department in this regard and await their response.
Should this take more than a couple of days to resolve I will send this month's issue out to the subscribed email accounts individually, and hope that the issue is resolved in time for the November issue.
Thanks again for going to the time and trouble of subscribing.