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Pagan Moot Starting Soon In Rugby

posted 17 Sep 2010, 16:24 by Richard Brook   [ updated 17 Sep 2010, 16:34 ]
In case anyone finds this site before it is fully updated let me explain.
Two friends and I are starting a Pagan moot in Rugby. I am moving back from Birmingham in the very near future. For a number of years I have very much enjoyed the Pagan scene in Birmingham and in particular the pub moots. I am a solitary practitioner and moots gave me a great opportunity to chat to like minded souls, and I met some great people along the way, whom I intend to stay in contact with.
I knew I would miss this when I move back to Rugby, and beyond that I thought how much I would have enjoyed it if someone had been running a moot before I left, especially when I was finding my feet in Paganism. The only logical step is to start my own.
The only thing set in stone is that the moot is being started. We don't have a day (although the schedule is likely to be fortnightly). We also do not have a venue.
If you know of a town centre pub, in Rugby, with a back room they might let us have for free on a week night please let me know, via the email on the Contacts page,
Keep checking back for details!!