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Rugby Pagans Approached For TV!!

posted 26 Oct 2011, 12:20 by Richard Brook
Rugby Pagans have received an approach from a researcher for a production company. They are working on a series for The History Channel that explores Britain county by county.
The approach states:
"An important part of the series is finding great events and interesting people with which [the presenters] can get involved with, that will challenge them and provide a unique and energetic way into the history and culture of an area."
Filming would take place over the weekend of 4th-6th November. I think the production company are ideally looking for an event, or ritual they can film, but further contact would be required between us and them to establish what they are really looking for.
Obviously there are many issues connected to such an appearance that we should consider and discuss. For example:
- Are we happy to do this as a group?
- Who would be happy as an individual to be filmed?
- What would we be happy to be filmed doing?
- Are we concerned as to public perception?
- Are we concerned as to being recognised in the local area, by people less receptive to alternative spirituality?
- Are we concerned regarding the agenda of the production company?
We would welcome all members thoughts on the forum and facebook page before deciding on a response to the approach.