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New Members & New Events

posted 11 Dec 2010, 15:06 by Richard Brook
For those that have missed it there was an article in the Rugby Observer this week about Rugby Pagans and it has proved to be a great success.
I would like to offer my thanks to each and every person who has joined our forum or emailed me to express and interest in what we're doing. When I thought of trying to start a moot in Rugby I had visions of me sat alone in a pub waiting hopefully for the other one of us out there. I am fortunate enough to have some good Pagan friends (especially Joe) over here who have not allowed that to be the case! It gives me great pleasure to know that there are a good few more of you out there who have responded to the article and want to come and try and establish a Pagan community for those of us in the Rugby area. I hope that you all enjoy the forum and come along and enjoy the moots.
I'd like everyone to know I am not possessive about the moot, I will endeavour to always be there on time to greet newcomers, but in terms of organising events at moots or outside just let me know and I will support as much as I can in liasing with the pub, or whatever else I can do to help. As regards the forum please get stuck in and post, don't hold off from starting thread because your "new" the way I see happening on other forums I have been a member of.
I would also like to announce that we have a couple of new events, both organised by Joe, on the calendar, check the forum for exact details:
18th December - Yuletide Bonfire Near Easenhall
12th/13th February - Coppicing Volunteering Near Easenhall
Blessings to friends old and new
See you Tuesday December 21st!