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Less Than A Week To Go! - Arrangements

posted 2 Nov 2010, 17:41 by Richard Brook   [ updated 4 Nov 2010, 14:22 ]
There is now less than a week to our first moot, on Tuesday 9th November 2010!
I wanted to update non-forum users as to how our relationship with The Raglan works. As we are unsure as to what our numbers will be we are not booking their seperate room. Its not in the pub's interest to book us in if just the three founder members turn up!
If when we turn up the room as not been booked they will let us use it. If it is booked they are happy for us to hold the moot in the bar itself. Should this be the case, and because this is the first one, I will be making myself conspicuous in a purple t-shirt with a large pentacle on it!
Hopefully this will avoid any awkwardness for anyone coming along who does not know me!
See you on the 9th!