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Coppicing, Stonehenge and The Pagan Federation Census Campaign

posted 2 Feb 2011, 09:59 by Richard Brook
The following items were announced at the moot on Tuesday 1st February 2011. For people who couldn't make the moot and friends we haven't met yet here they are! If you need to contact me about any of the following please email
The coppicing event organised by Joe is looming large on Saturday 12th February (possibly continuing into Sunday 13th depending on work to be done and interest). You will need to let me know by email or private message on our forum if you intend on coming as even if you had Joe's address you would not get there unless you had been before. Because of this the plan would be to meet at the Raglan at 10:30am so you can follow our car (as we take slightly fewer wrong turns than someone who as never been there before).
Joe requests that people bring their own saw (preferably a bow saw) and secateurs. Joe's narrowboat will be close at hand so there will be a toilet available. Joe will cook a vegetable stew big enough for the number of people who have confirmed that they will be attending by midnight Sunday 6th February.
This is an excellent opportunity to learn this skill and to connect with the land in the most direct of ways.
It has come up a couple of times at the moot that some of us would like to have a trip to Stonehenge. I have been working on this behind the scenes and the only offer on the table is a visit as a paying customer at a price of £15.30 per adult (if you wish to bring children or have other enquiries about pricing please let me know). I will point out this is access to the inner circle, either to ourselves or sharing with another small group depending how many want to come.
We have a provisional booking for 5:00am (around sunrise) Friday June 10th though this will expire before the next moot. Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to attend. It may not be possible to add people after the form is submitted so if you want to come you really must contact me right away. Also if we do not get enough interest before Saturday 12th February we may have to let the booking go.
People will need to be responsible for their own travel (if you do have a spare seat in a car in exchange for petrol money please let me know). Accomodation can be sorted nearer the time maybe we can all camp somewhere near-ish?
If you do want to come email me to let me know and post money through my door (address will provided in my reply) to confirm the place. I do not have the money to book now and collect later, so I would need the money up front.
2011 Census
On 27th March 2011 the last currently planned paper census will take place in the UK. The previous census introduced the question, 'What religion, religious denomination or body do you belong to?'. The Pagan Federation is urging everyone who considers themselves a Pagan to answer this question directly. According to the PF last time out 80,000 people in England and Wales answered Pagan or a Pagan subdivision, as compared to 800,000 Star Wars fans listing themselves as "Jedi"!
It may or may not be important to us as individuals whether Paganism is taken seriously, but it will have an impact on what the PF can achieve. We do need to be taken seriously in my opinion, to allow the PF to be allwed to undertake their pastoral work such as hospital and prison visits. When filling in your census from please consider answering "Pagan" or "Pagan - [Wiccan, Druid, Witch, Heathen, Shaman, Asatru etc].