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7th Rugby Scouts & Other News

posted 6 Jan 2011, 10:38 by Richard Brook
7th Rugby Scouts
I would like to thank the scouts and leaders at 7th Rugby (Bilton) Scouts for inviting me down to their meeting on Wednesday night (5th January 2011) to talk to them about Paganism. The scouts are all doing their World Faith Badge and are being spoken to by people of different faiths as a part of this. Everyone made me feel very welcome, listened to me patiently and asked some great questions throughout and at the end of my talk. I really hope that what came across from the evening is that it is not about one religion being right, it is about developing the confidence, as you grow up, to believe what is right for you.
I'd like to wish the scouts all the best in achieveing their World Faith Badges!
Other News
I had a great time at the moot on Tuesday, and I hope everyone else did too. It was lovely to see you all again, and it was wonderful and slightly bizarre to see a face new to the moot, but not new to me who I never knew was Pagan. It is an exciting time seeing the group grow and take shape.
At the moot it was decided that at the next moot Tuesday 18th January 2011 we shall be holding an open discussion on Death From A Pagan Perspective. The topic can be as broad as you like. You're welcome to prepare something, bring along a favourite passage from a book, come prepared to join in the conversation or simply to listen.
If there is anyone who would like to join in the moot who does not want to take part in this discussion, make yourself known to me before it begins (email, forum or simply come up to me at the start of the moot) and we will go and have a drink away from the group until the discussion reaches its conclusion.